Shortner 2.0 API

There are several ways of interacting with shortner 2 based sites. However not all shortner 2 based sites have their api enabled.


Before you get started you need an API key for the shortner 2 site. These can be obtained through the interface of the site you want to work with. There is also the ability to get a global API key (Which will work for all shortner 2 sites). These global api keys are only available upon special request and are currently reserved for certain “special” projects. Email vas \place an at here\ for a global api key (please note that you must specify a reason).urls added via the api are monitored for fraudulent/malicious urls) if too many malicious urls are added via your key, your api key will be disabled permanently.


We use a restful api for interaction with the system.

Restful interfaces

For information on our rest interface:Shortner rest interface
For a list of methods visit: Method list

Example code

Ofcource writing your own code is a lot of fun. But sometimes you just want to get a head start :


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